June 8, 2014

Delicious Normandy Tours

At the Market

Food tours in Normandy. It's an idea that I've been mulling around in my head since last summer. I tentatively started planning a Normandy food tour several months ago, but the idea really took hold once I started leading tours in Paris with Paris by Mouth.

Every week I meet passionate French food lovers who come to Paris, take a tour and want to learn more about French regional food as they continue their travels around the country. I couldn't help but be inspired by their curiosity and questions, so I decided it was finally time to get my favorite local merchants and producers together and go ahead and launch this thing!

Livarot AOC

Offering a tour of the Saturday morning Bayeux market was my first choice. It's a bustling, traditional weekly market that offers a glimpse into real life in France.
I've shopped at dozens of regional French markets over the last decade and Bayeux is by far my favorite. And it's where I do most of my weekly shopping.
Every Saturday I fill my basket with fresh produce, Normandy cream, butter and cheese, charcuterie, fresh seafood, bread, flowers and wine or cider.
It is truly a food lover's paradise!


The Delicious Normandy Tour is an intimate, 3 hour long walking tour where you will discover the colorful outdoor market in Bayeux and indulge in the famed regional cheeses, sweet buttery pastries, caramels, local charcuterie, rich Normandy cream infused desserts, French cider and the world renowned apple brandy, Calvados.

At the Market

Pavé de Printemps

What you can expect: As we wander through the market we will purchase and taste many of the specialties of the region before walking through the historical center to a centuries old stone home to relax and taste the rest of our market bounty, paired with Normandy cider and Calvados.

My tours are offered every Saturday morning, rain or shine. The generous selection of what we'll be tasting varies by the season and is included in the price of the tour.

To book please click on one of the available dates on the Eventbrite link below. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at deliciousnormandy@gmail.com

I look forward to meeting you soon in Bayeux!

les pommes

Pommeau and Cider and Calvados, oh my!

Bayeux Sign

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Mardi Michels said...

Seriously considering a day trip in July... Would love to catch one of your Paris by Mouth tours as well.

Emm said...

Oh brava, good for you! You go on my list for when I get to Normandy.

Anonymous said...

All the best.

From Mexico, CWolfe

SE said...

Sounds wonderful! And as Emm said, you're on my list.

毛澤 said...

Great Adventure, Blog and Story.

Jennifer Greco said...

Looking forward to seeing you!

Thanks. Hope to meet you soon!

I appreciate that. Merci!

Let me know when you'll be visiting!

Thank you!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful idea! We haven't yet booked a holiday, only managed a long weekend in Montreuil sue Mer, but you do know how to tempt!

Charming Paris Apartment :-) said...

How yummy! We'd love to join the next time we're heading to Normandy!

La Torontoise said...

Jennifer, success!
Got the idea. So sorry, I'm too far from Normandy this summer to be able to join this tour myself, but would recommend it to friends who consider touring the regions of France.
All the best!!

PS. The pictures are so beautiful.

Jennifer Greco said...

Let me know if you can join me! That would be great. :)

Please do!

La Torontoise
Merci! I appreciate you spreading the word. Enjoy your summer!

rose | rockrosewine said...

This is so wonderful!! Yes Bayeux market is just the best! My father in law always goes early in the morning to get the freshest fish and eggs straight from the farm. Have you tried Le volet qui penche? It's a great wine bar with local food. It's our new favorite place.

EuroMom said...

Oh....I really want to do this! Must plan a trip!

Jennifer Greco said...

I love Le Volet Qui Penche! We know the owner and love the place. We should meet up there one of these days!

I hope to see you! :)

Paris breakfasts said...

This looks sooo terrific.
I must come to Normandy soon.

Jennifer Greco said...

I hope you can make it out one day.